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I'm a witch practicing under a self-narrative derived from my astral experiences and kin. I focus on Shadow Work, divination, astral magix, and occasionally curses. I also suffer from depression.


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Since even small storms knock the power out at my house, I’m anticipating losing it for some time with the incoming hurricane.

Lemme give you some altar project updates:

Purchased fabric for the cloaks and scarves I will be dressing the figurines in. 
Purchased fo’ free via old ass gift card a blank journal for poetry rites.
Purchased cheap mini vases for my dried flowers. (White for the main altar, green for my secondary altar—which I have not talked about yet).
I took down the roses prematurely, I should have let them dry a bit more, but I think their color is nice. The carnations didn’t dry as well. They’re always a hit or miss. I did press some however—we’ll see how those turn out instead.

In the mean time—I’ve been doing a mass exodus of physical and nonphysical unclean of the home. This means literally cleaning every surface (from the molding around the house, to the top of door frames, to the rims of candle jars) as per suggestion from my shinto inclined friends, as well as my own ritualistic need (out with the bad, in with the good—clean the slate).

Cleaning also serves in non-earth past life regression as apparently one of my older facets was extremely clean. The more I clean, the more obsessed I get with cleaning—so I’m guessing this merging is working rather well.

This has been your pre-hurricane update. My fellow East Coasters, stay safe.

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